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The region and the venture

Ioannina, the city of culture and art, land of exquisite archaeological sites - museums. City of traditions that date back into the depths of history. The city that the visitor never gets tired of seeing and seeing again. The lake with the island, the castle the museums, the ancient theatre of Dodoni, the villages of Zagori, attract visitors like a magnet. Today with a population of 110,000 it is the capital of the region of Epirus. A modern city that combines the traditional aspects of life.

For more on the Region of Epirus:

www.epirus.org www.epirusinfo.com www.bourazani.gr
www.epirus.info www.konitsa.gr www.vrellis.org

- See also: Greek National Tourist Organization:www.gnto.gr

In this marvellous city, Daskalopoulos Ioanninou Theocharis established the first tourist office in 1960. Since then the second generation continues with the tradition with new spirit under modern conditions.

Yiannis Daskalopoulos runs a respectable business in the city of Ioannina and offers all tourist services possible from a modern tourist office. Our excellently trained staff strive to please our clients. Yiannis Daskalopoulos is also: a member of the board of directors of the Association of Tourists Offices of Ioannina, a member of the Committee for Promotion of Tourism for the Prefecture of Ioannina, member of the National Union of Tourist Offices and finally, member of the National Union of Airborne Tourist Offices.

- See also: www.iata.org, www.hatta.gr

The world is spinning and is waiting for you to spin with it, as long as you visit the Daskalopoulos Yiannis tourist office, who are specialists in issuing tickets for Greece and the rest of the world.

We guarantee the best prices for regular flights, chartered flights, boat tickets, ferryboat tickets and hotel reservations.

The trips of your dreams all speak the same language, the language of Daskalopoulos Yiannis Tour World.

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The location of Epirus
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The center of Ioannina
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Yiannis Daskalopoulos
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The founder,
Theoharis Daskalopoulos

Yiannis Daskalopoulos
17 Oktovriou 28th St, Ioannina - Greece [opposite OTE]
Tel. +30 26510.29667
Mobile: +30 6944 287202
E-mail: info@daskalopoulos-travel.com

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