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  • SIGHT SEEING PACKAGES to Greek islands and seaside destinations.
    Sight Seeing: The dream of thousands of people is to ... holiday in Greece, where you will find in abundance sea, sun and blue skies.
    We assure reservations for hotels of all categories, apartments at islands and all seaside resorts within Greece included with 4-7 or 15 day packages. Also reservations at Sea Therapy Centers (SPA) for relaxation, rejuvenation and stress relief. They practice in: the of spraying with high pressure water, shower with thin droplets, bathtub massages, covering in sea weed and organic mud, foot baths, sea mud, Turkish baths, sauna, Jacuzzi, Saitsou, pressure therapy, grape therapy, cream baths, massages, aqua thermal energy & relaxation and finally body peeling.
    Respect for quality, and quality of services and above all respect for your rights. Guaranteed services well within the bounds of European legislation.
    We aspire to become the ideal host and to have you visit gorgeous Greece
    - See also the following web sites:www.all-hotels.gr , www.yassou.net , www.hellasguide.gr , http://agn.hol.gr , www.egh.gr , www.louishotels.com , http://2sea.com , www.spafinders.com , www.camping.gr , www.all-rooms.gr.
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  • Conference Department: If you wish for 100% success in the organization of your conference, next time you should take into account all...aspects. You should also demand the highest ...quality. Modern facilities for conferences, large or small, with a capacity between 10 and 1300 guests. Perfect hotel facilities and quality of service. See the hotels in Ioannina: Du Lac , Epirus Palace , Palladion Hotel
    - Medical conferences in conjunction with all of the drug and medical companies.
    - University of Ioannina conferences.
    - Specialized conferences.
    Organization of local trips with luxurious coaches or automobiles for the participants to view the natural beauties of Ioannina: the Lake, the Island, the Castle, the villages of Zagori, nature lover treks to the Pindos mountain range, archaeological sights with distinct cultural and architectural tradition. Also: Flight ticket reservations and dispatch to locations overseas or Athens, transportation to and from the airport, car rental.
    We also organize: Seminars, business meetings, fashion shows and exhibitions.
  • PRIVE DEPARTMENT 3 and 4 day packages to Greece, European Capitals, and the rest of the world. Fly and drive.
  • VISA AND PASSPORT DEPARTMENT and travellers cheques.
    - See also: www.usisathens.gr , www.nomioan.gr
    - See also: www.festivalcruises.com, www.roc.gr, www.carnival.com, www.goldenstavcruises.com, www.zeusgroup.gr
    A type of holiday that in the past years is gaining more and more fans. From the comforts of a cruise ship without you being required to move (change hotels, cities or transportation) you have the opportunity to see the sights literally parade in front of you. Every day you wake up in a different destination or port. You also get to enjoy the cruise ship's environment. Laying off in a deck chair or enjoying the day's activities program, from morning to evening, ideal for the more adventurous. Topped up by elegant meals throughout the day, much better than we are used to.
  • DEPARTMENT OF INCOMING TOURISM with tour guides and luxurious coaches within Epirus and the rest of Greece.
    - See also: www.greekbeauty.gr
  • AIRCRAFT AND HELICOPTER RENTAL DEPARTMENT: For business and VIP trips, sight seeing, club and school transportation, flights for weddings and honeymoons (also with balloon), transportation of people in need of medical attention accompanied by doctor.
  • DEPARTMENT FOR: Newly weds, professionals, exhibition trips, medical conferences, car rental, school excursions, yacht rental, religious worship to the Holy Lands, trips for sports activities (football, basket ball, Formula 1) and ski trips [See also: www.ski-guide.com]).

For the first time: RESERVATIONS ON-LINE for your trips (we are able to know instantly if there are available seats).

For more information please do not hesitate to contact or visit us. Our experienced and friendly staff will happily assist you.

Yiannis Daskalopoulos
17 Oktovriou 28th St, Ioannina - Greece [opposite OTE]
Tel. +30 26510.29667
Mobile: +30 6944 287202
E-mail: info@daskalopoulos-travel.com

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